21 Counter-Intuitive Break Ideas to Boost your Productivity at Work!

April 3, 2012

I don’t know about you but, I have Spring fever! I find myself wishing I could be outside because the weather is so nice, so on my breaks at work I like to step outside and enjoy the nice breeze and sunshine. Everyone is guilty of working a long day and not stopping for break but, fact is that everyone needs a break and here are some ideas to give your body and mind a little rest and to boost your productivity at work. I especially like number 3 “Step outside for a fresh perspective”.

“Every self-help program talks about the importance of taking a 10-15 minute break to boost your productivity. Breaks give us much needed time to rest our eyes, move around, stretch our stiff muscles, get more blood and oxygen flowing to our brain, to unwind and obtain a fresh outlook on complex work problems.”

By Arina Nikitina Stepcase Lifehack

1. Listen to a guided meditation. There are plenty of 10-15 minute meditations that allow you to trigger your creativity, let go of muscles tension and take your mind of the work at hand.

All you have to do is put on a headset, close your eyes and enjoy peace and relaxation even in the midst of work chaos.

2. Share your break with a co-worker. Alone, you might not always have the strength to pull yourself away from the computer, but if you have a friend taking breaks with you, it is much easier to stick with your break routine. In addition, it offers a great opportunity to bond with your colleagues and get to know them better.

3. Step outside for a fresh perspective. Leaving a stuffy office and letting yourself enjoy the warmth of the sunlight, the coolness of a breeze and the freshness of the spring air can do miracles to your mind and body. You will come back feeling rejuvenated and ready to approach your work with new energy and a fresh perspective.

4. Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths. Stand up and walk away from your desk. Find a quiet place, where you can sit down, close your eyes, smile to yourself and take a few deep breaths. Imagine tension, stress and anxiety leaving your body as you breathe out, and peacefulness, positivity and relaxation filling your mind with every breath that you take.

5. Say NO to tension headaches. Slowly roll your neck to the right noticing a slight tension in your neck muscles. Hold this position for a count of 120 (2 minutes), then turn your head to the opposite side and repeat. Enjoy the feeling of warmth and flexibility return to your neck and shoulders.

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zBoost: When One is Not Enough

March 27, 2012

zBoost Helps Kiwi Audio Visual Put an End to Dropped Calls and Slow Data for Residential Customers

Company Overview
Kiwi Audio Visual is a highly specialized design and installation firm that works with its clients on a personal level. They provide long-term quality service upon completion of installation. With more than 150 years of combined staff experience and through a full array of superior services, they are one of the premier audio/visual entertainment and home automation providers in Southern California.

Consumers rely on their mobile phones for staying connected to personal schedules and emails, as well as business calendars, emails and news. Recent industry stats show there are more than 100 million smartphones in the US and more than one-in-four US homes are now completely wireless. With this growing reliance on mobile phones and devices, consumers expect a reliable cell phone at work and home. Several of Kiwi Audio Visual’s clients are like many Americans who struggle with poor indoor cell phone signal.

According to the zBoost State of the Signal Survey, commissioned by Wi-Ex, a leading provider of consumer and commercial cell phone signal boosters, and conducted online by Harris Interactive, 65 percent of online cell phone/smartphone owners experience problems with their cell phone or smartphone service including dropped calls or data, poor reception or dead zones in their home or poor signal reception or dead zones at work. While Kiwi Audio Visual still sees landlines in most homes they suspects that their clients use their mobile phone 90 percent of the time at home.

Kiwi Audio Visual had two clients in large homes who had very bad cell locations with little cell coverage indoors. A San Diego residence covered 10,000 square feet and an Orange County covered 14,000 square feet. Both of the clients utilize their cell phone as their primary communications.

The residents used Sprint and Verizon and the zBoost Dual Band Commercial kits increased signal for all major carriers in the homes for multiple users. The signal bars increased from zero to one up to two to four inside the residences. The home owners can now utilize their mobile phones, smartphones and tablets in the home without worrying about dropping calls or slow data.

Kiwi Audio Visual notes the ease of install, great coverage, and repeatability of installation regardless of the size of the residence as key benefits to its customers.

zBoost Products Used
The installs included the zBoost Commercial Solutions Division Kits. The kits include all of the components for a complete system solution whether for commercial environments or large residential applications and utilize the proven zBoost technology from Wi-Ex to improve cell phone voice and data signals.


  • Boosts indoor signal for cellphones, smartphones, wireless data cards and wireless alarm panels.
  • Reduces dropped calls and improves cell phone signal indoors, increasing performance of voice and data. Some of the benefits for the cell phone users include extending battery life, replacing landline phones, reducing or eliminating dropped calls and increasing wireless performance.
  • Improves indoor cell phone voice and data signals for all major carriers (except Nextel)
  • Utilizes distributed amplifier architecture for increased reliability and flexibility
  • All system components included for easy installation
  • System kits available for coverage areas up to 20,000 and 40,000 square feet
  • Uses patent-pending technologies that protect the carrier network

Get Organized: Create Better To-Do Lists from PCMAG.com

March 19, 2012

Is your to-do list more of a burden than a useful tool for getting things done? Reshape how you write and manage your lists, and they could make you happier and more productive.

How effective is your to-do list? Do you cross things off it throughout the day? Is it a scrolling and never-ending beast? Does it fill you with dread and remind you of all the things you haven’t done? Does it help you achieve the important things in your life?

It’s amazing how little thought can go into the making of a to-do list. Considering all the time and effort people spend trying to make their projects and businesses more productive, you’d think we might have the same focus on personal habits, as it’s the personal habits and actions that inform the larger work. A to-do list may sound trivial, but if it’s central to how you accomplish the tiny steps that help you accomplish the larger project or business venture, then it needs to be rock solid. If your to-do list is the foundation of your work, take a minute to think about whether your lists are effective, and how you can improve them.

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Could telecommuting work for your start up?

March 6, 2012
Telecommuting  and teleworking have had a quiet start in New Zealand but elsewhere in the world are seeing a rapid increase in popularity, with estimates of around 40% of the American workforce working remotely at least part of the time.
So – what is telecommuting and how does it differ from teleworking?
Both terms refer to employees who work remotely rather than in a specific office at a specific desk each day. In strict terms telecommuters are considered employees who work from home – thus commuting only by phone or internet. Teleworkers, or mobile workers, are employees equipped with the technology that allows them to work anywhere; they may spend some time in a central office, some at home, and some on the road, working from hubs or cafes.
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National Telework Week Begins Monday

March 2, 2012
I am fortunate that I am able to telework on days when I don’t have appointments in the office.  Atlanta traffic can be daunting on most days so home office days begin in a whole different way than office days.
See the benefits below and if you have the opportunity to telework just one day next week, sign the pledge by clicking on the link below.
 Just one note of caution.  Make sure you have the tools needed to telework.  For me that includes my laptop, smartphone, Wi-Fi connection and of course my zBoost SOHO cell phone signal booster.  With these tools I have full access to the rest of the Wi-Ex team throughout the day.  Since 55% of teleworkers report indoor signal problems a zBoost is a necessity for many teleworkers, including me!
Pledge to Telework

Join National Telework Week 2012, the second-annual effort to encourage agencies, organizations, and individuals to pledge to telework on March 5-9, 2012. Sign up now to determine your impact and savings, and telework during the week of March 5-9, 2012.

Why? Telework is a win-win opportunity for agencies, organizations, employees, and the environment. Telework supports:

Join the movement. During Telework Week 2011, nearly 40,000 pledged, saving $2,730,229 on commuting costs, gaining back 148,692 hours into their day, and removing 1,818 tons of pollutants from the air, while refraining from driving 3,764,001 miles.

For more information go to: http://www.teleworkexchange.com/teleworkweek/

What’s the best free backup program?

February 28, 2012


You know you’re supposed to make regular backups, yet you’re just not doing  it. Why?

If it’s because you’re not wild about the idea of spending money on backup  software, here’s good news: you don’t have to. There are plenty of full-featured  backup utilities (for Windows, anyway) that don’t cost a dime.

Indeed, your only out-of-pocket expense should be a USB or network hard  drive–a place to hold your precious data in case your primary drive goes  belly-up.

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Every 60 Seconds in Social Media – Infographic

February 27, 2012


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